Fair to Flair, Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2011 available for pre-order

We are very, very proud to present the second issue of our quarterly.

The second issue of Fair to Flair Quarterly is all about live experiences. Many of the contributions are heavily emotional, and all are very well written. They evoke a range and depth of experience few realize wrestling can create. Much like the first issue, this new one is both a gift to the wrestling community, and a bridge for non believers. These amazing stories range from the isolated and foreign to the communal and cathartic.

Table of Contents

Colin Young - Companions in the Seats

David Buckler - The Birth of the Mega Powers

Sean Collier - The Night Kurt Angle Saved America

Dan Ryckert - The Night Owen Hart Died

Jimmy Eaton, Lucinda Perez, Ethan, Cliff Rushing, Virginia Wiglesworth - The Collective Experience of Wrestlemania

Stanley Kubrick - Chicago

Joey Guy - Queering Qrestling

Bill Bicknell - Grappling with an Evolving Society

Anthony Mango - The Elements of a Great Crowd Sign

Alexandria Torres - Managers, First Impressions, and Terrible Kids

Jeffrey Paternostro - My Dinner with Genki

Chris Shore - Robbie’s First Show

Joe Drilling - Rally the Cage in Tokyo

K Sawyer Paul - 8-Bit Theatre

Rachel Davies - Me and Tennessee

Why pre-order?

Now, why, you may ask, would one want to pre-order one of these? What incentive could we possibly provide for those willing to pony up early? Well, first off, you will be paying less. While the price on the back of the book says $25, you will only pay $20. The pre-order will last a few weeks, which is as long as you can have it for that price.

The other incentive is that in addition to getting the book for less, you will also receive the digital PDF for free. After the pre-order is over, the digital bundle (PDFs plus friendly digital files for Kobos, Sonys, Kindles, and iPads) will cost $9.99 (CDN).

Our pricing structure is slightly different this time around. North American customers still pay CDN$20 for the pre-order. Starting with this issue, worldwide customers pay EUR$20. The difference in currency helps us maintain a small profit, shipping anywhere in the world.

Really, that much?

The reason this book costs as much as it does is because we want to be able to pay our contributors. Most magazines cover their costs with advertising, filler, and selling your personal information to agencies—all things we’d like to avoid. We can say we’re 100% proud of the work everyone has done, and we’d like to thank them monetarily.

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// History in the Making: Matt Hughes, Frank Trigg, and the best comeback you’ll ever see//

For two and a half years, Frank Trigg had to hear about how he squandered a chance at winning one of the most highly regarded prizes in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). He had to hear about how he could have beaten his opponent, taken the belt home, and woke up the next day as the world’s best welterweight.

For two and a half years, Matt Hughes heard his dominant win — a finish at that — undersold and devalued as a fluke by his rival. He had his submission loss to B.J. Penn thrown in his face as proof that his time had come and gone.

UFC 52: “Couture vs. Liddell 2” was one of the most important events in the promotion’s history. After the game changer that was Forrest Griffin's bout with Stephan Bonnar at the first Ultimate Fighter Finale, the UFC needed a huge show to continue their newfound momentum.

The main event definitely delivered as “The Iceman” knocked out his opponent in the first round. But the most lasting memory for many fans stemmed from the welterweight title bout on the card.

This Saturday (Sept. 24), Hughes steps inside the cage against Josh Koscheck at UFC 135: “Jones vs. Rampage” in what could be the final bout of his storied career. Should the country boy hang it up this weekend, let’s pay our respects by taking a look back at his second tilt with “Twinkle Toes,” complete with one of the greatest comebacks you’ll ever see in the sport.

A Maniac will survive…

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// History in the Making: Jake Ellenberger debuts inside the Octagon and nearly hands Carlos Condit his second UFC loss//

In August 2009, Jake Ellenberger got the call he had been waiting years for.

Chris Lytle was injured and the UFC needed someone to fill in against Carlos Condit at a Fight Night in Oklahoma City the next month. Despite having fought in June for Bellator, he was relatively fresh since it took the wrestler less than a minute to viciously knock out his opponent.

After nearly five years and almost 25 bouts, “The Juggernaut” caught a lucky break and took full advantage of the opportunity.

This has eventually led to what will be his first headlining bout this Saturday (September 17) at UFC Fight Night: “Shields vs. Ellenberger” where he takes on former title contender Jake Shields.

We’ll take a look at that debut as we prepare for this weekend’s event.


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// Ring of Honor (ROH): Death Before Dishonor IX preview and predictions//

Ring of Honor’s (ROH) Death Before Dishonor series has a long and storied history in the promotion. A mainstay since 2003, the event has played host to ROH World Championship title matches, hate-filled street fights, and a brutal Cage War which pitted the company against a band of outsiders.

Tomorrow (Sept. 17), Death Before Dishonor IX continues that great tradition with a fantastic card from top to bottom.

Not only will you get to see each member — Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin — of ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team in singles action but you’ll also catch former Age of the Fall leader Jimmy Jacobs replacing Steve Corino to take on El Generico.

And that’s just part of the undercard that serves as the garnish to the delicious meal of the co-main events.

Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards clash in a Ringmaster Challenge which is a best of three falls match. The first must be won by pinfall, the second by submission, and should be a third be necessary, a 15-minute Iron Man Match will determine the winner.

But it’s the main event that is sure to leave the ROH ring mat stained with blood.

The notorious Briscoe Brothers — Mark and Jay — take on The All Night Express — Rhett Titus and Kenny King — in what will be the company’s third Ladder War in almost 10 years.

You can, of course, purchase the internet pay-per-view (iPPV) from GFL.tv by click HERE to watch all the action live tomorrow starting at 7:30 PM ET.

So who should you expect to win? Well, keep reading and find out!

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// Jake Shields needs to move back up to middleweight to stay relevant//

Back in April at UFC 129Jake Shields was beaten pretty handily by a one-eyed Georges St. Pierre. It was a typical performance from “Rush”; dominating but in no way risky, ensuring that the UFC welterweight strap stayed secure and safe around his trim French-Canadian waist.

Four and a half months later, Shields returns in the main event of tomorrow’s (Sept. 17) UFC Fight Night 25: “Shields vs. Ellenberger” card where he will take on the heavy-handed wrestler Jake Ellenberger who is looking to extend his Octagon winning streak to five.

A victory for either fighter puts them in prime real estate in the highly-regarded title contenders’ neighborhood (the school system is excellent, by the way), a situation that “The Juggernaut” would surely embrace. No one becomes a full-time fighter without the intention of someday fighting for the sport’s greatest prize.

The same opportunity that Ellenberger would immediately jump at isn’t as glimmering a prospect for Shields however. And it’s for that reason the former Strikeforce champion should return to the weight class where he originally won those 12 pounds of gold.

A return to 185-pounds is exactly what Jake Shields needs if he doesn’t want his career to stall out.

Why? Well, you got to keep reading to find out!

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History in the Making: 'Lights Out' Chris Lytle just wants to entertain you

Anderson Silva and Chris Lytle don’t have much in common other than they’re both magnets for performance bonuses. A look back at “Lights Out”and some of his most exciting bouts.

"What good is shaking your hands? If you want to shake something, put your hands together and wrap them around your opponent's head."