// Floyd Mayweather and the psychology of heroes and villains//

In the year and a half since Floyd Mayweather stepped inside the ring, the pugilist has managed to keep his name in the headlines.

Unfortunately for the boxing great, it isn’t for his accomplishments inside the squared circle but rather for his relative inability to do anything in public without some type of law enforcement getting involved. 

Whether it’s stealing his baby mama’s iPhone and being charged with felony theft or slapping around and threatening a security guard over parking tickets, Mayweather seems to be as good at getting into trouble outside the ring as he is at avoiding it inside.

The latter half of that statement can’t be denied. “Pretty Boy” is an amazingly skilled defensive boxer who can put you to sleep if you’re not careful. He has won every single one of his professional boxing bouts and brought his record last night to a flawless 42-0. 

In fact, the only other fighter that can be mentioned in the same breath as “Money” is Manny Pacquiao.

And that is why the inability to produce what would be the biggest boxing match of this generation — the eagerly anticipated bout with “PacMan” — is so frustrating. These are the two men at the pinnacle of their crafts but money, ego, and fear have kept the contract from being signed.

That isn’t to say that the bout will never happen. There’s actually a very good chance of the fight materializing and after last night’s spectacle, there’s a possibility — nay, a probability — that when all is said and done, the pay-per-view (PPV) will do two million buys and rake in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars once the live gate is tallied in.


Because people hate Floyd Mayweather and love Manny Pacquiao.

And we don’t want it any other way.

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