// [MMA] UFC 135: Is Josh Koscheck throwing in the towel or planning for the future?//

"I’ve got a couple of good fights left in me, whether it’s at 170 or 185."

Josh Koscheck said this yesterday (Sept. 22) during the closing press junket leading up to UFC 135: “Jones vs. Rampage.” 

Those are curious words for a top ten-ranked welterweight who was last seen challenging for the division’s title.

But the beating he received at the hands of Georges St. Pierre seems to have broken more than the bones surrounding his eye. It seems that the mouthy, arrogant wrestling powerhouse from the first season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) also suffered a broken spirit.

It’s been almost an entire year since the 25-minute shellacking at UFC 124 but wounds like those Koscheck had inflicted on him don’t heal too easily and often come with a much higher price than going under the knife and sitting on the sidelines for a few months.

The above quote sounds like a man resigned to his fate. It sounds like a man who not only knows his place in the grand scheme of things but also accepts it and plans on making the most of it.

And is that such a bad thing?

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